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Chuck and Bianca are very personable and respectful. They have exceeded my expectations! I’m in the best shape of my life. I can run 5 miles, which I’ve never been able to do in the past and I feel more confident because I feel strong.
It has changed my view of “exercise for weight “ to “exercise for health!”
Paul G.

I was referred to Chuck and Bianca after three knee surgeries with the hopes of designing workouts that could increase my strength and conditioning without hurting my knee. Chuck and Bianca did an amazing job constructing specialized workouts that were catered to my exact needs and adjusted on a daily basis. Having played competitive sports since I was young, I can definitively say that Chuck and Bianca are the most experienced and encouraging "coaches" that I have worked with. For anyone living in the Philadelphia area I highly recommend Chuck and Bianca Simpson for both their knowledge and dedication to their clientele.
Jordana B.

I have been training with PF4U (Chuck and Bianca) for over 3 years and have seen dramatic improvements through their training techniques & support. Chuck and Bianca focus on keeping me in the correct target zones and will make adjustments to the workout based on weather, wind or how I'm feeling. This helps me to get the most out of the workout and minimize wasted time & effort. I have accomplished many goals that I never thought I could achieve!
Aaron P.

I started out training with Chuck 2 ½ years ago when I was working through an elbow/shoulder injury. When I told him I was interested in doing a triathlon one day he said I should meet his wife Bianca. During our first meeting Bianca took one look at me and said, “You are built for an Ironman!” Of course, I was thinking more on the lines of a Sprint Tri, but when you get to know Bianca you find yourself doing things you never thought possible. In the past few years I have competed in several Sprint Tri’s and one Half Ironman and will be doing my first full Ironman this November. Chuck and Bianca have been with me through all of the training and will be there at the race to support me through this great accomplishment. There guidance, support and expertise have helped me to go from a simple runner to a triathlete and for that I am grateful. At 46 y/o I have accomplished more in my adult life as an athlete as I ever did in my early years thanks to their supervision. Bianca and Chuck are some of the most genuine and fantastic people you will ever meet. To me they are more than my trainers…I consider them friends. I watched how far they have come and I am sure the possibilities are endless, of where they can go. Their partnership in life carries over to their partnership in business and they will take care of you the way they take care of each other.

As someone who doesn’t like to exercise, but is in definite need of some serious toning, I found Chuck and Bianca to be the perfect fit for me. They
make my workouts fun and diversify the sessions so that I don’t get bored! They are proven professionals in their field and I would definitely recommend utilizing their services.
Alison B.

A couple of years ago, my husband Steve and I fancied ourselves as in pretty good shape. We were cardio fanatics, running up to 25-30 miles a week, but doing no weight training to speak of, and certainly no stretching. We noticed that with all that running we were still tacking on a few pounds, so we decided to do something drastic. Hire a trainer. Bianca and Chuck were referred to us by a friend, and what made them so interesting was their diverse backgrounds. Within 6 months of refocusing our efforts on cross training, with a healthy enphasis on weight training, I had lost 2 inches off my waist. They are tremendous motivators, but very customer centric as well! It’s hard, don’t get me wrong, but the results are worth it. Most of all, they make it fun! You will never be bored.
Linda C.

I've been working with Bianca for quite some time now and I am very pleased with the results I've seen, as well as the dedication and support I've received from Bianca. She is intuitive to my individual needs and has developed many excellent programs for me. She has pushed me through workouts I would never have thought I could complete, and certainly would never consider on my own! She is creative and mixes it up so you never get bored and that is very important to me. I like a new challenge and she provides one each time we meet. Also, I travel a lot for work, and she is terrific in sending me workouts to do while on the road, incorporating the available equipment at the particular location I'm in. I'm a big fan of Bianca's methods and I really value and appreciate her dedication to her clients.
Kathleen B.

I live & work in the PA area from Monday to Friday and drive round trip to NY and back each weekend. I live in a second story loft, which means I have lots of stairs to climb. My knees were becoming increasingly painful when climbing and particularly hurtful when descending stairs. My back ached constantly; I felt tired all the time. I did not sleep well. About 8 months into this new lifestyle (which included weekly cocktails after work!) I started to gain weight & sleep less well than usual, which made me feel depressed.
A few of my physically fit female colleagues enthusiastically encouraged me to contact Bianca! They raved about her while affectionately and loving calling her "the torturer". They assured me that the name only referred to her professional commitment to your personalized workout and results. Bianca would not let you off the hook because she quietly demands you give all you have at each workout session.

I started working with Bianca about 8 months ago and I am stronger than I have been. I work out with her 2x/week at 6 am. No one has ever been able to meet me at 6 am!! She accommodated that request. I also travel a great deal and as I said I go home on the weekend. Bianca customizes my workout on an e-site called the “my workout log”. This enables me to “work” with her from a distance and to report electronically on anything related to the workout. Bianca usually responds very quickly –depending on her schedule with other clients.

Most important to me is the fact that my knees do not hurt anymore. The condition was close to crippling and it was to be honest scary. It made me feel so much older than my actual age. I feel great and look the part and Bianca tells me that my fitness level is that of a much younger woman; I credit her technique and approach with this outcome.
Thank you Bianca for being committed to helping me be and stay fit for life!
Diane L.

Private Training Studio, Certified Personal Trainers, Chester Springs, PA, Professional Personal Trainers, Malvern, West Chester, PA,
Olympian, Kinesiologist, Professional Athletes, Fitness, Health, Personal Training, Endurance Sports Training, Online Training, Metabolic Testing, ACSM CPT

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