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Personalized Fitness 4 You was created by Chuck and Bianca Simpson Olympian, Kinesiologist, and professional athletes.

We are passionate about people, fitness, and health awareness. At Personalized Fitness 4 You we educate and motivate our clients into a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle that changes their mindset to enjoy fitness and exercise as much as we do. We will provide you with a private consultation and state of the art metabolic and fitness testing. Personalized Fitness 4 You will use testing to individualize your training and nutritional programs taking the guess work out and creating workouts which will get your endorphins flying. We do all the planning just show up ready to give 100 percent.

Personalized Fitness 4 You uses a variety of exercises and equipment dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, sandbags, weighted vests, plyo boxes, stability balls, bosu balls, TRX, treadmills, rowing machines, ellipticals, spin bikes, functional trainers, bands, and balance boards just to name a few. Each client has a different goal for some it may be strength and core training, for others it may be training for a 5k, or entering your first triathlon. Our combined credentials, personality, compassion, and individual attention to each client allow us to provide the best possible services.


Director of Personalized Fitness 4 You
Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
2000 Olympian (Road Race)
Professional Athlete
(3 Sports cycling, triathlon, and duathlon)
World Ranking of 5th in Duathlon
Numerous Professional Wins and Top 3 finishes
Commonwealth Games Representative 1998

Bianca is an Olympic cyclist who competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Bianca has dual citizenship in Western Samoa and New Zealand. In 1998 while based in the Netherlands with her Dutch professional cycling team, she decided to switch her affiliation to Western Samoa the birth country of both her grandmother and grandfather and qualify for the 2000 Olympics. Bianca had only two chances to qualify the country for the Olympics in cycling the World Championships in South America and the Oceanic games in Australia. Bianca finished second in the World Championships earning herself a silver medal and a top ten performance at the Oceanic games qualified the country. Bianca would be the first female to represent Western Samoa in the Olympics. During the Olympic year Bianca made several visits to Western Samoa to meet and inspire women of all ages. She walked the sands of her grandmother’s small village “Papa”. Her grandmother played a big part in her cycling career from representing New Zealand as a junior and elite rider to eventually representing Samoa. A few days before the opening ceremony Bianca’s grandmother passed away, but her dream was fulfilled when her granddaughter walked into the Olympic Stadium as the first female Olympian for Samoa.

In 2001 Bianca turned down a sports scholarship funded by the Australian Institute of Sport and retired from elite cycling. Six months later she picked up a pair of running shoes and hit the pool to become a professional triathlete and duathlete. A world ranking of 5th in duathlon, various wins and top 3 finishes in World Cups and Half Ironman Championships Bianca knows how to train and offers all her experience and insight to you. Her mentor as a young New Zealand cyclist was the late Don Oliver who introduced her to gym training in 1994.

Don was a 3 time New Zealand Olympian and Commonwealth games athlete. He took Bianca under his wing and trained her along side a few New Zealand All Black Rugby players, golfers, and swimmers.

“Don gave me my foundation of strength in the gym he told me it would stay with me the rest of my life. It was natural for me to fall into this job, an opportunity to help people of all levels the way Don taught me.”
B.S. Kinesiology

Director of Personalized Fitness 4 You
Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
USATF Certified Coach
Junior Olympic Ski Racer
Elite Cyclist
Penn State Cross Country Team

Chucks first word was “outside”. He started skiing when he was three, playing baseball at eight, and soccer at 10. He attended a high school in Maine for athletes Carrabassett Valley Academy. During his four years in Maine Chuck learned how to train properly and be an athlete. He competed in hundreds of ski races, played on the soccer team, tennis team, and cycling team. Chuck took his love for sport and majored in Kinesiology at Penn State. He ran cross country and competed on the cycling team. He raced and trained all over the country as an elite cyclist eventually meeting his wife. He retired from cycling in early 2000 to help his wife prepare for the Olympics. He has years of experience both in and out of the gym. Chuck enjoys working with people of all levels.

Special interests include functional training, endurance sports coaching, speed and agility training, sport testing, weight loss, and cardiac rehabilitation. He brings knowledge, compassion, and a direct coaching manner to the gym and all our endurance athletes.

BS: Chemistry/Biology
Teaching Certification: Biology
Personal Trainer of Personalized Fitness 4 You

Cathy was born and raised in southern Chester County. She has been physically active all her life. Growing up she participated in school and recreational sports. After watching her father struggle with serious heart disease she decided to dedicate herself to living a healthy lifestyle.

She developed a love for running and aerobics. She also enjoys road and mountain biking, swimming, hiking, skiing, and tennis. She has participated in multiple 10 mile races and half marathons. She started lifting weights to improve her running and was amazed at the difference it made not only in her performance but in her body, overall fitness and well being.

Cathy has worked as a Chemistry/Biology teacher and an Environmental Chemist but her passion has always been fitness. She went on to get her AAFA certification and has taught aerobic and weight training classes after work and on weekends. A few months ago she decided to make fitness her full time career and started working for Chuck and Bianca at Personalized Fitness 4 You.

As a mother of four she understands the difficulty of balancing everything but makes time for working out everyday. She encourages her children to be physically active and participates in many activities with them. She loves sharing her passion with others and helping them to achieve their goals. She hopes to inspire them to love fitness as much as she does.

EMAIL: cathy@personalizedfitness4you.com

Personal Trainer, Personalized Fitness 4 You

Marlena grew up in Bucks County, PA. She was raised to be physically active and did so by playing and coaching sports well into her High School years. Throughout her years of college, a career in fashion, getting married and growing a beautiful family of 4 children and 2 dogs,Marlena’s outlet was running. She trained with multipleelite running coaches helping her gain the knowledge and skills to become a successful runner. Marlena competed in many 5K, 10k, half marathons and a full marathon.

This information and experience she still holds at value along with her continued education of sports conditioning through USA weightlifting, CPT and her TRX certifications. Marlena has been an active coach and trainer in the Chester County area since 2014 as a Sports and Conditioning Coach for Bishop Shanahan High School track and field team, Bootcamp instructor, Personal Trainer and a volunteer for Girl’s on the Run.

When Marlena is not working with clients you will likely find her working out in the gym, hitting the pavement for a run, or paddle boarding at Marsh Creek. She also enjoys spending time with her active family, typically at a hockey, football, basketball, or LAX game or at figure skating competition.

Marlena’s truly lives out her motto -- Committed to Fitness,to Health, to Life. As your Personal Trainer Marlena willhelp you find that commitment to a healthy body for life.

EMAIL: marlena@personalizedfitness4you.com


Certified Personal Trainers, Chester Springs, PA, Professional Personal Trainers, Malvern, West Chester, PA, Olympian, Kinesiologist, Professional Athletes,
Fitness, Health, Personal Training, Endurance Sports Training, Online Training, Metabolic Testing, ACSM CPT

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